Friday, October 24, 2014

BYB Hub...and me

In honor of the partnerships that Robert Casey has started over at Bleeding Yankee Blue with his BYB Hub, I thought I would get another post out.  With Robert being kind enough in adding me to the Hub I think it’s a great opportunity to not only give any new readers an idea of who I am and what to expect.  It is also an opportunity to help out by showing off the new BYB Hub link on the right bar, feel free to check it out and the other Yankee Blogs out there!

As for who I am to any new readers the About Me section below the BYB Hub pic gives you a great insight to my story of how I was afflicted with the Pinstripe Fever, in fact I’ll give you a minute or so to read it…don’t worry I’ll wait right here while you read.  -----Alright you’re back, I haven’t scared you away yet.  The blog and my ramblings associated with it have as much to do with my returning to school at the ripe age of 34 as it does with my love for the Yankees.  I currently work full time (on the road 4-6 months out of the year) am a reservist in the U.S. Air Force, attend school Full Time and along with my beautiful bride am attempting to raise two rug-rats.  Because of all that I have going on my posts are not as frequent as I’d like but I hope for that to change soon as I will be lightening my workload soon.  

As I mentioned earlier I am twelve months into my Sports Marketing and Media degree from Full Sail University.  In all my travels I’ve seen a few too many trials and tribulations, I’ve been many places where communicating was problematic because of language barriers.  I found the one thing that always bridged that gap was sports.  I’ve learned about different sports that I never thought I would get close to, (Cricket, Soccer) and after learning about the details of these sports realize what draws the fans to watch.  Understanding the sport was the key and I hope through my degree I get the chance to educate and help a few lost souls find the game of baseball. 

On Pinstripe Fever you won’t find Yankee only posts although that is the main focus.  I’ll post papers and work that I finish for school along with sharing a bit of my life with anyone that chooses to read.  In fact my last post was about a cat named D, short for Damon -  after Johnny Damon, who worked his way into our life and then sadly passed away a month ago.  If you have a few more minutes check it out  -I hate Cats-.  It was written with a lot of emotions flowing because what you’ll find out is, I didn’t hate this cat so much.  Well, if you’ve read this far I want to thank you for sharing in my journey and I’ll work towards getting more posts up if you’ll read them.  Finally one last thank you goes out to Robert Casey for all he’s done to help me out, emails, interviews, and reaching out to me for the BYB Hub.

Until next time…

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