Sunday, February 1, 2015

It's time to move on to Spring Training!

Currently the Superbowl is on my television, but no I'm not kicking it up and no I'm not paying detailed attention.  In fact this is one of my least favorite years to watch.  I lose a bet every year to a Seahawks fan and the Patriots are basically the Red Sox of the NFL (In geographically origin only) so  I find myself reading baseball articles, sifting through the bottom of the barrel to find some new information. While reading articles I came across an article from Bleeding Yankee Blue which reminded me: Just over 60 days to opening day and a few weeks until Pitchers and Catchers report.  So many questions to be answered in the Pitching staff this year for the Yankees and so much potential in the Catching staff, here are a few of my thoughts: 

Will Tanaka's arm hold up for another full season?

Will CC resemble any type of pitcher deserving of a 1-3 starter?

When will we see Ivan the Great?

Will Pineda be the Pitcher we saw in the first half of last year?

How about Catchers...

Has McCann settled down in New York?

How about John Ryan Murphy, is he as good as we saw last year? (Note Murphy might be one of my favorite young Yankees with the way he handles himself on the field)

How about Austine Romine, Is this the year he gets traded away or finally blossoms into the catcher they hoped he'd be?

Has anyone heard of that Gary Sanchez guy?  How far does he take his talents this year?

These are just a few of my thoughts while watching the Superb Owl game, thanks to BYB and the BYB Hub for helping to put a few thoughts in my head and then getting them out!  Cause you can't catch Pinstripe Fever unless you Bleed Yankee Blue!

I'll leave you with a hilarious video from Stephen Colbert (no longer) just prior to last years Superb Owl game:

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Big Goose Open - New Media Photos

 This week for Sports Media Online we were asked to post three original photos that would represent something we would post on three different online platforms (Website Header/Main page, Facebook Status, and a Twitter Post) and how that is relevant in the sports business we are aiming towards for the photos.   I figured it was a great opportunity for me to showcase The Big Goose Open which is dedicated to Kidney Cancer Awareness and proceeds are donated to the Kidney Cancer Association specifically for research.  This tournament was started in 2013 in memory of a good friend that lost his battle.  These assignment has motivated me turn a web page for the tournament into a tool we can use for advertising, and payment options.  This first photo is the banner we used for the web page.  I tried taking a few current pictures up close of the green and hole but with it being the month of January the grass is a bit unappealing.  This photo is fairly simple and shows the name of the golf tournament "Big Goose Open" displays the green ribbon for Kidney Cancer Awareness and shows our insignia that was designed specifically for us by Mike "Million" McGough.

The second photo is one of our Tournament Sponsor who has been great to us over the first couple years of the tournament.  As he's shown support to us I would work to show the support back at him by creating a Facebook post stating something to the affect of:

Check out our Tournament Sponsor representative Thad Stofferahn of Nortec Seed.   Not only is he driving the ball a mile long, he's also going the extra mile to support his community.  THANKS Thad and Nortec Seed!!

And finally for a Twitter post I would use a picture of one of our well known golfers in the tournament and add a comment of:

J Brondsema is going to make it out to this years tournament...Are you?

This would be used to spike interest as we lead up to this years tournament and highlight one of our dedicated members.

By the way, this years tournament is scheduled for August 1st, 2015.  If you are interested in being a part of it in any way let me know at

Hope to see everyone at Lake Platte Golf Course in August!


Wednesday, December 17, 2014

NASCAR and Fox TV rights deal

This week for my Sports Media class we talked about return on investment so I put together a video regarding NASCAR and it's TV deal with Fox.  A little offseason video to help pass the time until spring training.  I hope you enjoy.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Media Rights - Photo Op

This week for Sports Media Online class we were asked to take 3 photos of that represent Traditional media rights.

My first picture represents Licenses for Clothing and Merchandise.  Simply, it is me wearing my favorite ball cap.  On the side of the hat you can see the '47 which is for '47 Brand which tends to be my favorite fit for hats.  And of course it's a Yankee Hat!

My second photo was taken while watching Football all day Sunday so it represents television rights. I was trying to capture the "FOX NFL" slogan they kept flashing but it was to fast for my trigger finger.  I ended up grabbing the Fox Robot they use as a rep.  I think it turned out pretty cool in Monochrome.  You can see the helmet wearing robot standing in front of the Fox Sports sign and capture the buildings in the background. 

And the final photo was one that was taken just today, in fact I bumped another photo I selected to put this one in.  I was driving in town and came upon a radio station that is the home to Fox Sports.  They are the home to the Northwest Florida Sports destination! Fox Sports AM 1490 and obviously represents radio rights.

So there are my three photos, for those not checking this out for school reasons feel free to comment and let me know what you think of the pics and thanks for stopping by.


Wednesday, December 3, 2014

MiLB and revenue sources - ex. Pensacola Blue Wahoo's

Here is a brief breakdown of how a Minor League Ball Club generates revenue.  Some of you may not understand how the Minor League business structure works, and I can't blame you.  To say it's a confusing set up would be an understatement.

As you all know, each MLB club has a farm system (usually consisting of a Low A, High A, AA, and AAA clubs)  and every player in that system is basically bought and paid for by the MLB club.  Travel, contracts, etc.  So naturally you'd think the MLB club owns the Minor League teams themselves...well you'd be wrong.  Each team is it's own business that has an agreement to "house" a minor league team.  They then use the team to sell tickets, merchandise, sponsorships, run local events, etc.  So if you ever wonder why tickets for a MiLB game is so low, it's because the parent club is fitting the bill for the players.  (note: this is a very simplified version how MiLB works)

Here's a video I put together explaining this:

And I can't talk about the Bayfront Stadium without a sneak peak inside:
If you're in the area I recommend checking out Bayfront Stadium and Maritime Park.  It's beautiful!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veterans Day and America's Pastime...

Veterans Day holds a special place in my heart, not because I am a 1%’er, but because of those that have truly sacrificed.  The ones buried in Arlington, or that came home but really didn’t.  My grandfather was one of the latter.  You see, war can really mess a person up, it changes a person mentally and it can’t be changed back.  I’ve always believed that there are two different types of Veterans, those that have sacrificed, and those that have served.  There is as much honor in either type, but those that sacrificed were asked to sign the check they wrote to Uncle Sam.  So today I would like to say Happy Veterans Day to my brother and sisters in arms and I look to heaven in gratitude for those that paid the ultimate sacrifice. 

Now that I’ve said my piece on this Veterans Day 2014 I’d like to take a look at Baseball and its veterans, after all this is a blog with its focal point of baseball and sports. 

I would like to start out with Yogi Berra.  As a kid I was enamored with this character.  I never watched him play a game in my life but he was my favorite player.  How could you not like the guy, his character and attitude were clearly as powerful as the 358 home runs he launched into the stands.  Second Class Seaman Lawrence P. Berra served on D-Day as a member of a six man crew unleashing a barrage of metal hell on German defense planes and although never directly hit was in the cross hairs of those he aimed to knock out of the skies that were lit up by that same fire.  So to you Lawrence I proudly say thank you for standing beside me as a 1%’er.

How about Yogi’s mentor “Bill Dickey”? Dickey was drafted at the age of 37 and although he did not see battle was slated as the manager of the U.S. Navy baseball team that won a crown in 1944. His fellow teammate JoeDimaggio also served while playing ball, but not for the navy. I’m sure many people will think that Dickey’s time doesn’t constitute real service but it is not on his shoulder that our government decided to deal with famous ball players in this manner.  As I mentioned earlier, I believe there are two types of Veterans and both are honorable.  The craziest thing about Dickey in my opinion is he’s probably one of the most underrated Yankees of all time.  When one is surrounded by Lou Gehrig (one of Dickey’s best friends), Babe Ruth, Joltin Joe, and Yogi Berra it’s easy to get lost and Dickey seemed to do just that.  His career batting average was .313, which is 3 points higher than DerekJeter, and we all know how great Jeter was. 

The only major leaguer to see combat in two wars, while accumulating 120 missions, 2 distinguished flying crosses, 13 air medals and 3 Navy Citations Jerry Coleman represented his country and his teams as well as anyone can.  Coleman was apart of four world championships while donning Pinstripes (1949, 1950, 1951, 1956) and went on to be inducted into the broadcasters wing of the National Baseball Hall ofFame.  Although his four decades announcing for the Padre’s are what put him in Cooperstown, his 4 rings in Stripes will always make him a Yankee legend of sorts. 

And if we are going to talk about baseball, and military service we can’t forget to mention the females of the All American Girls ProBaseball League that helped fill the void while minor league teams were disbanded because of WWII.  The Rockford Peaches, Racine Belles, Kenosha comets and South Bend Blue Sox made up the first league in 1943 proving that girls can play.  Some of my best memories playing the game are in Co-Ed softball leagues in which I can honestly say some, if not most of the girls we played with were better then me (to include my sister in law).  

I love hearing military stories and sacrifices so please leave some comments or stories below and share with everyone.  To those that have served along side of me, before me and will serve after me, Thank You.  You are in my prayers.

Other citations:

Friday, October 24, 2014

BYB Hub...and me

In honor of the partnerships that Robert Casey has started over at Bleeding Yankee Blue with his BYB Hub, I thought I would get another post out.  With Robert being kind enough in adding me to the Hub I think it’s a great opportunity to not only give any new readers an idea of who I am and what to expect.  It is also an opportunity to help out by showing off the new BYB Hub link on the right bar, feel free to check it out and the other Yankee Blogs out there!

As for who I am to any new readers the About Me section below the BYB Hub pic gives you a great insight to my story of how I was afflicted with the Pinstripe Fever, in fact I’ll give you a minute or so to read it…don’t worry I’ll wait right here while you read.  -----Alright you’re back, I haven’t scared you away yet.  The blog and my ramblings associated with it have as much to do with my returning to school at the ripe age of 34 as it does with my love for the Yankees.  I currently work full time (on the road 4-6 months out of the year) am a reservist in the U.S. Air Force, attend school Full Time and along with my beautiful bride am attempting to raise two rug-rats.  Because of all that I have going on my posts are not as frequent as I’d like but I hope for that to change soon as I will be lightening my workload soon.  

As I mentioned earlier I am twelve months into my Sports Marketing and Media degree from Full Sail University.  In all my travels I’ve seen a few too many trials and tribulations, I’ve been many places where communicating was problematic because of language barriers.  I found the one thing that always bridged that gap was sports.  I’ve learned about different sports that I never thought I would get close to, (Cricket, Soccer) and after learning about the details of these sports realize what draws the fans to watch.  Understanding the sport was the key and I hope through my degree I get the chance to educate and help a few lost souls find the game of baseball. 

On Pinstripe Fever you won’t find Yankee only posts although that is the main focus.  I’ll post papers and work that I finish for school along with sharing a bit of my life with anyone that chooses to read.  In fact my last post was about a cat named D, short for Damon -  after Johnny Damon, who worked his way into our life and then sadly passed away a month ago.  If you have a few more minutes check it out  -I hate Cats-.  It was written with a lot of emotions flowing because what you’ll find out is, I didn’t hate this cat so much.  Well, if you’ve read this far I want to thank you for sharing in my journey and I’ll work towards getting more posts up if you’ll read them.  Finally one last thank you goes out to Robert Casey for all he’s done to help me out, emails, interviews, and reaching out to me for the BYB Hub.

Until next time…