Monday, December 15, 2014

Media Rights - Photo Op

This week for Sports Media Online class we were asked to take 3 photos of that represent Traditional media rights.

My first picture represents Licenses for Clothing and Merchandise.  Simply, it is me wearing my favorite ball cap.  On the side of the hat you can see the '47 which is for '47 Brand which tends to be my favorite fit for hats.  And of course it's a Yankee Hat!

My second photo was taken while watching Football all day Sunday so it represents television rights. I was trying to capture the "FOX NFL" slogan they kept flashing but it was to fast for my trigger finger.  I ended up grabbing the Fox Robot they use as a rep.  I think it turned out pretty cool in Monochrome.  You can see the helmet wearing robot standing in front of the Fox Sports sign and capture the buildings in the background. 

And the final photo was one that was taken just today, in fact I bumped another photo I selected to put this one in.  I was driving in town and came upon a radio station that is the home to Fox Sports.  They are the home to the Northwest Florida Sports destination! Fox Sports AM 1490 and obviously represents radio rights.

So there are my three photos, for those not checking this out for school reasons feel free to comment and let me know what you think of the pics and thanks for stopping by.


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