Sunday, July 13, 2014

Baseball...its history and me!

As you'll read in the about me section the Yankees are a large part of my life.  It has been a cornerstone of a relationship between my father, brother and I and the three of us have even taken the women in our loves and made them Bleed Yankee Blue (thanks for the phrase Robert Casey).  In a house where talking wasn't our forte the Yankees always gave us something to go back to when it came to connecting.  Really, baseball in general has done that for us, but our love of the Yankees and their rich (yeah that could be a double pun) history are at the core of it.

To give you a little background, growing up my grandfather (we call him Papa Buck) was a baseball fan, and in the days of black and white TV, and no large MLB TV contracts the only team that seemed to be consistently shown on the tube was the famed New York Yankees.  My grandfather grew up in the golden era of baseball and has even passed down awesome items to us such as a Mickey Mantle signed biography (given to my brother).  He also arranged a meet up for us when we were younger with a famed Negro League ball player (Saul Davis) in which we still hold a signed baseball of.

As Papa Buck passed down his baseball love to my old man (Papa Shags) the second generation started.  As a kid I spent many hours at a softball diamond watching my Papa Shags play.  The old guy could play the game.  In fact one of my favorite softball memories is the first game I ever played against him.  I was out in right field and our right center fielder asked where my dad would hit it.  Knowing my dad was a smart player (he's a left handed hitter) he was able to hit it to all parts of the field and suggested it would be a hit to the opposite side of the field.  Instead, he decided to show off to his son (yeah that's me) and put one in the right field porch.  We had a good laugh about him hitting that homerun after the games and I vowed to not let it happen again.  Papa Shags started the tradition of naming us after Yankees by giving me the name Lucas Thurman and I have continued that tradition with my son Eli Gehrig.  It took me starting a Facebook page and an email campaign to get the job done but my wife eventually caved.  She has grown to love the name and learning about the greatest man to dawn the Pinstripes.  

I hope this journey of a blog allows me to take you and I through the world of not only the New York Yankees but also the sport of baseball.  I had another blog started and will slowly transfer some of the information back to this blog as I feel there is good content to be brought over.  The beauty of a curve ball, the force of the heater, all aspects of the game are worth appreciating and I hope we can share the adventure together, and maybe I can spread a little Pinstripe Fever!

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  1. this blog is very interesting. I am not a baseball fan, but from reading this page i'm more open to understand the sport. Its interesting how baseball was used to help build a bond between you and your family. Also i can't wait to learn about curve balls and learning what the signs used in the game means.