Saturday, August 23, 2014

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and the Faces of ALS...

The point of my video for the Ice Bucket Challenge was to put a face to the cause that everyone is raising money for.  Whether you are for the challenge or not you have to at least respect the idea of helping and hoping for a cure.  I actually have two videos, a long version and a short version.  I'll post the full unedited version here.  Its about 7 minutes but has a good message.

 I was nominated by my cousin Nick Gulmon and in turn nominated our other cousin Troy Diehl.  I also nominated my sister-in-law Jenna Gullickson, Justin Horsager (to honor Lou Gehrig), Nick Nielsen (in memory of my godfather Randy Nielsen) and finally Pat Reiser (in memory of Chris Gustad and Kidney Cancer Awareness). 

If you think the challenge is stupid still go to ALSA.ORG and donate, or go to a cause of your choice and donate.  I chose three causes at $25 bucks a piece (ALS, Muscular Dystrophy, Kidney Cancer Assocation).  If you have a better way to get people involved, by all means go get it...but what ever you do, don't complain about it and then sit and do nothing.


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