Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Big Goose Open

Big Goose Open
Watercolor design by Michael "Million" McGough

I wanted to post this week about a golf tournament that was started last year (2013), by a group of friends and I, in memory of a good friend that passed away, much to early from Kidney Cancer.
Chris Gustad was a buddy I met in 2000 while attending Lake Area Technical Institute for Aviation Maintenance. He was by far one of the, if not the smartest guy in the class and was a blast to hang out with. There are too many stories to tell and a few that probably shouldn’t be told. I am honored to be apart of this tournament and wanted to give a quick shout out and thank you to those that have been a big part of implementing it so far….

Rich and Julie Gustad for allowing me to be apart of this event. You raised an awesome son and I was blessed to be apart of his life.

Sara Gustad, although we didn’t get to know each other very well through the years (partially because I was too busy partying) I look forward to getting to know you better through out the future. Your direction and advice has been huge in directing this tournament and you are one of the strongest people I know.

Anne and Brent Nye, thank you for raising an awesome daughter and providing all the help I could ask for. Your energy and help are awesome!
Tawnya Schrank, your willingness and want of success motivate me to make this event better and better each year.

Thad Stofferahn of Nortec Seed has graciously been our tournament sponsor for the first two years and I hope to keep the friendship for years to come. Your dedication and Ideas to the cause drive our ideas and provide hope to others.

Mike “Million” McGough, you have been like a big brother for me for as far back as I can remember (for better and worse) and when I came to you to design a logo you nailed it with ease.
To all the Hole sponsors and prize donors from year one, you were the pistons in the engine that allowed the event to happen. Cheers to another year! I promise to post a longer link in the future to make sure everyone gets their due, there were so many of you!
The Volunteers from year one: Leah N, Bill N, Justin B, Tali, Baker, Mrs. Baker, Erynn, Liz, I know I’m missing someone, please forgive me!

To my old man and brother for supporting me by driving 5 hours after one golf tournament to make it to this tournament. This tournament is truly about family and friends and you showed that.
And finally, to my wife: For the hundreds of letters printed, hundreds of envelopes hand written, and everything else you did, for giving me the time to work so much on something that means so much to me. You helped bring the personal touch the tournament needed. I am forever grateful.
And one finally isn’t enough: To Chris, Biggie, Guddah, Goose, for being you! We miss you so much and pray you are looking down at us from above.

So here’s to August 2nd, 2014 and the Second Annual Big Goose Open! The day can’t come fast enough!

Guddah On!

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