Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Our Friends...and why we cheer

This week for my Introduction to Marketing class we were asked to perform a bit of research on John Earle, better known as Johnny Cupcake.  I decided to grab a theme from his interview we watched from Full Sail University and test its theory.  Mr. Cupcake spoke of his struggles in dealing with friends and family in his business.  Although a small sample size, I sent a message out to 23 friends requesting a brief write up (paragraph or less) on why they cheer for their favorite sports teams.  I figured this would fit in with my “About Me” section on the right, while keeping the sports theme alive on Pinstripe Fever.  Although I had more people drop out of the conversation (3) than reply to my post (2) I was pleased to say my predictions on who would reply were 80% correct which supported my own theory, one most know his relationship with friends.  Whether it be 1. casual, or as I like to call them drinking buddies, 2. Professional, your friendship serves a purpose or benefit to each other, or 3. a combination of the two which is the strongest of friendships.  The other factor one must weigh in on, is the situation each friend currently is in.  In my example I only provided 24 hours for replies which is too short of a time period to truly judge my friends I sent messages to, but does speak volumes for those that did reply.  Much thanks to Marshall and Tonya for their speedy responses! 

What I found coolest about my short experiment is the reasons for Marshall and Tonya’s fandom.  Marshall’s revolved around the local stations where we grew up and the games he was able to watch, which is the origination of how I grew to be Yankee fan.  My Grandfather started the Yankee tradition for the same reason.   Tonya’s story revolves around family and even one specific moment that is etched in her brain.  My grandfather passed the Yankee tradition to my father, who passed it onto my brother and I, even naming me after Thurman Munson.  Without further adieu, here are their stories…

 Tonya K:
Ok here's my sports message. I'd say one word sums up my loyalty to my teams and that's family. My dad loved to listen to the Twins on the radio. He spent all summer on a tractor and in a time before satellite radio they were his entertainment. As a 9 y/o I saw my dad came home early to watch the Twins in the '87 World Series and with one tv we all watched the Twins.  He was cheering and happy and clapping and I don't remember ever seeing that before.  Four years later it happened again.  After that I could have nothing else to say but we could only talk about the Twins, good, bad or the ugly as a family.  As much as I get frustrated with bad pitching, getting rid of my beloved Morneau, every spring I'm excited for the next season. My dad gave me that loyalty and can't see it changing.

Marshall B
Twins & Vikes- use to watch with my dad mostly the Vikes on Sunday while cleaning the bar.  Braves-James Conlon, daycares older son & the most important part TBS had every Atlanta sport on if they played TBS, also the reason I watched the Hawks growing up.  Bulls WGN had every Bulls home game on watched almost all of them when I was younger. Now still love my Braves don't watch as much I still keep up with them. Twins & Vikes kill me now, love hate relationship. Fighting Sioux hockey for life!

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